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Adcom GFA-2535

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The GFA 2535 is really two GFA-535s in one, with the flexibility to drive three or four channels. With individual level controls for precise control of each amp's volume, it's the ideal foundation for an authentic, ultra-realistic surround sound theater system, or for a multi-room or multi-speaker audio system.

A single switch on the GFA-2535's rear panel lets you select 4-channel operation, or bridge two of the channels for a 3-channel configuration. In the 3-channel mode, the GFA-2535 brings your home theater to life, delivering 200 watts of clean, distortion-free sound to the center channel, and 60 watts to each of the rear channels. Add it to your existing 2-channel amplifier and you'll be at the center of a superbly balanced, awesomely powered stage with sound so real you can practically touch it.

For audio applications, the GFA-2535 in the 4-channel mode acts as a pair of 60 watts-per-channel amplifiers to drive two sets of speakers. With two of the channels bridged, it delivers 60 watts each to a pair of satellites, and 200 watts to a single subwoofer for an incredible display of musical strength so real you definitely can feel it.

Three channels or four, home theater or home audio, the award-winning Adcom GFA-2535 gives you twice the versatility of ordinary amplifiers. And twice the value that has made Adcom famous.

Adcom GFA-2535 Technical Specifications

Power Rating (To FTC Requirements)
·60 watts continuous average power into 8 ohms at any frequency between 20Hz and 20kHz with both channels driven at less than 0.06% THD.
·200 watts continuous average power into 8 ohms at any frequency between 20Hz and 20kHz at less than 0.09% THD, bridged, AMPLIFIER B only.

IM Distortion (CCIF, Any Combination from 4kHz to 20kHz)
60 watts into 8 ohms .....< 0.01%

Power Bandwidth (-3dB) .....7Hz to 150kHz

Dynamic Headroom into 4 ohms .....1.5dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio, A-weighted
60 watts into 8 ohms.....< 100dB

Gain .....27dB

Input Impedance .....22,000 ohms

Input Sensitivity
60 watts into 8 ohms.....1.0V rms
1 watt into 8 ohms.....130mV rms

Input Sensitivity, Bridged, AMPLIFIER B, Only
200 watts into 8 ohms.....1.8V rms
1 watt into 8 ohms.....130mV rms

Damping Factor .....20Hz to 20kHz >400


Power (available in 220V-240V on special order)

Chassis Dimensions
5"(127mm) x 17"(432mm) x 13"(330mm)

Maximum Dimensions
5.5"(140mm) x 17"(432mm) x 14"(356mm)

Weight .....32 lbs.(l5kg)

Weight, packed.....35 lbs.(l6kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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