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Resources that will help you to start and operate your business are listed here. Customized to your Business Wizard responses, these resources include links to external Web sites, downloadable forms and online applications. Links that require Adobe Acrobat Reader are shown with a (pdf) mark. See Help for information on downloading and using this software.

Important: This resource list is not complete. State licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements are listed along with certain federal and local regulations. Depending on your specific business type and location, additional federal and local regulations may apply.

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Business Structure
This section contains filing requirements, fee information, and forms necessary to register your business. The information is specific to the business structure you've identified.

Business structures are legal entities. Each has a specific definition and carries specific requirements. You are encouraged to seek additional information and/or obtain the assistance of a qualified accountant or attorney before finalizing your choice of business structure.
Sole Proprietor Information
Sole Proprietor Forms
  • None applicable. Sole proprietors are not required to file forms of organization. See General Information above.
Business Name

This section contains regulation details and forms for worker's compensation, unemployment insurance and other employee-related requirements.
Workers Compensation Information

Unemployment Insurance Information

Workers Compensation Contact Information:
E-mail: email is being sent by a user of the Business Wizard
Web site: Workers Compensation Homepage

Unemployment Insurance Contact Information:
E-mail: email is being sent by a user of the Business Wizard
Web site: Unemployment Insurance Homepage

This section provides answers to frequently asked state tax questions. It also includes specialized state tax forms, as well as the information and forms you'll need to apply for your Wisconsin Employer Identification Number (WEIN) and federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).
State Tax Information State Tax Forms
Wisconsin Employer Identification Number (WEIN) Information
Employers who have employees in Wisconsin may be required to withhold Wisconsin income taxes from the employees' wages. An employer who is required to withhold taxes must apply for an Employer Registration Certificate and obtain a Wisconsin Employer Identification Number (WEIN). Wisconsin Employer Identification Number (WEIN) Form

Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) Information

Employer Identification Number (EIN) Form

For Corporations and Partnerships Only
If you are registering your business as either a corporation or a partnership, you are required to file certain tax forms with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Business Tax Contact Information:
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Web site: Department of Revenue Homepage

License, Permit, & Registration
This section contains state licensing, permitting, and registration information associated with your selected business type(s). The State of Wisconsin does not issue "general business licenses" or a "small business licenses". However the state does regulate many types of occupations and businesses that frequently have to meet specific regulations, as well as legal, educational and examination requirements. The requirements are determined by what is being done in a business. Because each business is unique, some of the license links may not apply to your business.

Driving School - Motorcycle Rider Training Program

Driving School, Commercial Instructor - Truck Driving

Driving School, Commercial Instructor - Under 18 years of Age

Driving School, Commercial Instructor - over 18 years of Age

Driving School - Students under 18 years of Age

Driving School, Commercial Instructor - Motorcycle

All Terrain Vehicle Safety Instructor

Asbestos Principal Instructor

Asbestos Training Course Accreditation

Property, Assessor, Education Courses, Non-credit Continuing Approval

Property, Assessor, Education Programs, Credit Continuing Approval

Assessor, Reapproval of Continuing Education Programs

Boating Safety Instructor

Bow Hunter Education Instructor

Course Approval, Continuing Education for Safety and Buildings Licenses

Driving School - Truck Driver Training

Hunter Education Instructor

Lead (Pb) Principal Instructor

Lead Training Course Accreditation

Nurse Aide Training Program Certification

Snowmobile Safety Instructor

Educator License - Administration

Telecommunications Reseller

Telecommunications Utilities (New Alternative) Certificate of Authority

Telecommunications Utilities (New Alternative) Certificate of Authority


Lead-Safe Worker

Storm Water Discharge Notice of Intent

Lead (Pb) Abatement Worker

Course Approval, Continuing Education for Safety and Buildings Licenses

Lead (Pb) Project Designer

Lead (Pb) Principal Instructor

Lead-Safe Company

Plan Review, Elevator

Erosion Control Notice of Intent

Highway, Right-of-Way, Permit to Work

Lead (Pb) Sampling Technician

Lead Training Course Accreditation

Lead (Pb) Risk Assessor

Lead (Pb) Company

Lead (Pb) Inspector

Vehicle Scale Permit

Plan Review, Commercial Buildings

Lead (Pb) Abatement Supervisor

Culvert Permit - Waterway & Wetland Permit

Driving School, Commercial Instructor - Truck Driving

Bridge Permit - Waterway & Wetland Permit

Power Piping/Welded Refrigeration Piping Installation Registration

Plan Review, Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) Systems

Plan Review, Liquid Natural Gas System

Plan Review, Liquid Petroleum Gas Systems

Plan Review, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Systems

Boat Shelter Permit - Waterway & Wetland Permit

Site Closure Approval

Air Pollution Control, General Operation Permit

Air Pollution Control, Elective Operation Permit


Air Pollution Control, Indirect Source Operation Permit

Air Pollution Control Construction Permit

Dwelling Contractor Financial Responsibility

Dwelling Contractor Financial Responsibility - Restricted

Storage Tank Registration (Underground) - Flammable/Combustible/Hazardous Liquids

Storage Tank Registration (Aboveground) - Flammable/Combustible/Hazardous Liquids

Other Important Requirements to Consider

This section contains requirements that should be considered with any business.

Environmental Regulations
Even the smallest of businesses may need to obtain one or more environmental permits. A business involved in activities that may affect the environment such as furniture refinishing, gasoline stations, heating and air conditioning repair and dry cleaners are just a few that must meet environmental regulations.

If your business needs drinking water, process water or fire suppression capabilities you will need to obtain permits. Permits may be necessary for businesses that emit dust, organic compounds or other contaminants; discharge processed water, sanitary sewage and cooling water; alter the landscape or build structures on or near a waterway. Also, any business that generates any hazardous waste or is a solid waste disposal/processing operation will need to obtain permits and/or meet certain requirements.

Are you not sure if your business needs an environmental permit? The DNR's interactive Permit Primer webpage can help you identify the permits you may need. The Permit Primer web site will take you through step-by-step, the various DNR programs to 1) determine what environmental requirements apply to you including if you may need any environmental permits and how to get them and 2) provide ways to save money and resources through pollution prevention, waste minimization, water conservation and resource protection.

Even though the costs of adhering to regulations can be burdensome for a business owner, the cost of noncompliance including fines, penalties and even closures can be much greater.

The Small Business Clean Air Specialists are liaisons between small business and state and federal regulators and can provide “plain language” answers to your questions. Contact them at


Endangered and Threatened Species
Rare plant and animal species are protected by the Wisconsin Endangered Species Law and should be considered for any proposed project that impacts the lands or waters within Wisconsin. To determine if a project may impact rare species, you can request that an Endangered Resources Review be conducted as early in the process as possible.

Building Plan Reviews, Codes and Zoning
The Department of Commerce reviews plans for public buildings and places of employment prior to construction for compliance with the state statutes and building codes. Reviews include:

A local building inspector can be reached through the municipal clerks office to ensure compliance with regulations affecting construction, alterations, demolitions, occupancy and use of buildings. Also, be aware of your municipality and county zoning regulations. Many municipalities and counties have zoning and licensing requirements that must be met in order to do business in their jurisdiction. To ensure compliance you will need to contact those municipalities and counties in which you want to do business.

Americans with Disabilities Act
Facilities used by the public must comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Additional Information
This section contains links to additional business resources.
Business Organizations & Associations
Develop your industry connections by accessing this list of business organizations and associations.

Business Incentives
Discover the wide variety of business incentives available through various state agencies, local economic development officials, the state's technical college and university systems, and other groups.

Small Business Startup Kit
Understand the fundamentals of starting a business by viewing or downloading this startup kit developed by the U.S Small Business Administration.

Legal Assistance
Find help on legal topics ranging from basic questions, such as choosing a business structure or hiring a lawyer, to specialized issues, such as e-commerce and exporting.

Home Based Business Information
Link to the Web site of this home-based business association, which provides support and resources for established businesses, new entrepreneurs, and those who are still deciding whether to open a home-operated business.

Business Plan Development
Learn how to write a business plan by following this tutorial developed by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Insurance Coverage for Small Employers
Information on the different types of insurance policies in the market, how much coverage to buy, and how to buy it wisely.

Financing Resources
Connect to a wealth of financing information including loans, grants, financial programs, and venture capital funding.


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