Industrial Flashlight
Our industrial flashlights set the standards - proven designs based on decades of experience as "America's First Choice" in the workplace and proven toughness and reliability to match. Impervious to oil, grease, and most chemicals. Unbreakable Tuflexx lenses and self-cleaning slide switches.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
BRI 2618 D-cell flashlight 5.10 4.24 3.62

Continuity Tester Flashlight
Two for one 2 D-cell flashlight plus reliable continuity testing in one powerful lighting tool. Red translucent ring emits light for immediate verification of completed circuit. For testing circuits up to 10 ohms resistance (wires, switches, electric cords, etc.) All include 36" clip leads.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
BRI 2618CT Continuity Tester 15.31 12.71 10.87

Waterproof Flashlight
Features 3-way safety signalling switches, spare bulb inside, and ring hangers. For hazardous locations (flammable gases and vapors).

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
BRI 2217 D-cell haz. loc. 10.51 8.73 7.46

Waterproof Lanterns
Waterproof, 6-volt, uses HD-6V battery and PR-13 bulb, floats upright, spare bulb holder, UL listed Class I, Group D. MSHA approved. CSA approved.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
BRI 2206 6-volt lantern 17.55 14.58 12.46
BRI 2208 1 or 2 6-volt lantern Special Order

First choice for the professional who needs the power of a big flashlight, but the size of a pocket light. Side-by-side batteries and high-efficiency machined aluminum reflector allow this light to out perform lights 2-3 times the size. Finger-operated rotary switch is included for one-handed operation.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
A8021 1034 4C, yellow 34.69 28.81 24.64
A8021 2034 4C, blue 34.69 28.81 24.64

UKE Light 4AA
The most powerful and versatile light for its size. This high-intensity light with compact parallel battery configuration and twist on/off operation is fully accessorized. It can be carried in a belt pouch, mounted securely on a hard hat or fire helmet, or used to direct traffic. A necessity for confined space workers, municipalities, utility companies, safety inspectors, rescue professionals, police and firefighters.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
A1430 1034 4AA light, yellow 22.24 18.47 15.50
A1430 2034 4AA light, blue 22.24 18.47 15.50
A1430 4034 4AA light, black 22.24 18.47 15.50
H1019-D Slotted hat clip 15.61 12.97 11.09
H1023-D Unslotted hat clip 15.61 12.97 11.09

Mini-Pocket Light
The perfect choice for a light to carry with you at all times. Fits on a key ring, hides in your pocket, or clips to the brim of your cap (using accessory clip) Can also use high-intensity LED lamp module to preserve night vision.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
AO 970 X034 RD AAA, red 16.84 13.98 11.96
AO 970 X034 YL AAA, yellow 16.84 13.98 11.96

Pelilite Laser SpotTM
Watertight to 600 feet. Unbreakable ABS body with a high-impact polycarbonate lens. FM, CSA, AUS and MSHA approved non-incendive. Provides 400% more light than ordinary flashlights. Complete with Xenen lamp and lanyard. Packaged on a color hang card. Requires 2 C-cell alkaline batteries.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
PEL 1800C Flashlight 20.71 17.20 14.71
PEL 1803 Belt holster 3.49 2.90 2.48
PEL 1804 Replacement lamp 9.27 7.69 6.58

Super Sabrelite Laser SpotTM
Xenon Professional Flashlight
Watertight to 2000 feet. Unbreakable ABS body with high-impact polycarbonate lens. FM, CSA, MSHA and AUS approved non-incendive. Exclusive state-of-the-art Laser Spot Xenon lamp module produces a tightly focused collimated white light beam with 400% increased net candlepower. Includes: belt spring clip, stainless steel split ring, and black lanyard. Meets military specifications. SabreLite packaged on a hang card. Requires 3 C-cell alkaline batteries.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
PEL 2000C Super SabreLite 27.73 23.03 19.70

Features Pelican's 6000 candlepower patented Xenon high-performance LMX lamp module. Multiple position (o-ring sealed) swivel head and a water-resistant high impact polycarbonate case. Includes: Large multiple use visor cap/clothing clip, night vision and BugsAway red lens, Velcro mounting system, adjustable hardhat/headband, strong removable saddle magnet, and a 2AA-cell Energizer alkaline batteries. Burn time is 5-6 hours. Versalite is packaged on a full color hang card.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
PEL 2250C VersaLite 18.47 15.34 13.12

Each Mini-System includes: Mitylite, spare lamp module with spring, Litebender, night vision red lens, spare o-ring, 2AAA-cell Energizer alkaline batteries, and a stainless steel split ring for keychain use. Elegantly presented in reusable designer box with a molded plush velvet liner.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
PEL 1950 Mini System 16.88 114.02 111.99

Dual SixTM
Watertight to 600 ft. with the added safety of two completely separate 12-volt circuits. Each circuit consists of its own lamp filament, switch, wiring and 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (8 total). Each circuit yields 60,000 candlepower for 11-12 hours (22-24 hours total) of uninterrupted safe lighting.

Price each 1-5 6-11 12+
PEL 4600B Dual 6 70.49 58.54 50.06

Portable Hand-Held Work Lights
PT-T Compact Fluorescent Series. FM approved. 13-watt equivalent to 60- watt incandescent. 2.25" maximum diameter for use in narrow spaces. Dust-tight, water-resistant, suitable for wet or damp locations. Lightweight, impact resistant neoprene rubber housing. Polycarbonate impact-resistant tube shield with molded-in reflector. 50-ft. cord.

Price each 1 2-3 4+
HUB PT-T13-50 Hand-held 142.86 118.64 101.45

Portable Hand-Held Spotlights
PT-D 12-volt series. FM approved. Cigarette lighter output standard. Battery clip accessory available. Suitable for wet location application. No exposed metal parts.Fully insulated switch in handle 12" coiled core standard. Other lengths and styles available on special order. Suitable for use with any 12-volt source. 50,000 candlepower.

Price each 1 2-3 4+
HUB PT-D30 Portable 177.55 147.46 126.09

Hazardous Location Handlamps
XHL Series incandescent handlamp. 100-watt/12-volt. Lampheads UL listed and CSA certified for use in Class 1, Division 1 and 2, Groups C & D environments. Applicable for use in wet locations. Rugged lightweight, non-conductive phenolic body provides optimum chemical resistance and physical strength. Weighs only 4 lbs without the cord. A spark-resistant aluminum guard protects the high impact tempered glass globe. Corrosion- resistant swivel hook for hands-free operation when necessary. 18.5" long and 5" in diameter. 100-ft. cord.

Price each 1 2-3 4+
HUB XHL-100-CIP 781.63 649.15 555.07

Hazardous Location Portable Floodlights
Hazmaster high-intensity floodlights are listed by Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) as being suitable for Classes I, II, & III, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C,D,F,G, and wet or dry locations. Features: 100-foot 16/3 SOW oil and chemical resistant heavy-duty cord with universal NEMA 5-15 hazardous location plug and strain relief. Plugs into hazardous location or standard 15 amp outlet. Corrosion-resistant, rain-tight, spark-resistant, cast copper-free aluminum housing coated with a baked-on polyester finish. Shipped with lamps for immediate use - just plug it in. 3/4" thick tempered glass lens protects against lens damage.

Price each 1 2-3 4+
HUB EMSP151-CPG 3,051.02 2,533.90 2,166.67

Hazardous Location Handlamps
26-watt/120-volt. FM approved for use in Class 1 Div. 1 Groups C & D, Class 2 Groups E & F, and Class 3.Compact fluorescent lamps are rated for 10,000 hours average life - 5 to 10 times longer than standard incandescent lamps. Sealed and potted in-line fluorescent ballast, reduces weight of lamp head temperatures. Rugged, yet lightweight aluminum body construction weighs only 3.75 lbs. without cord. Die-cast aluminum guard protects against the high-impact tempered glass globe. Narrow 3.5" maximum diameter facilitated use in tight spaces. Only 14.75" long. 50-ft. cord.

Price each 1 2-3 4+
HUB XEP-Q26-50-CIP 1500.00 1245.76 1065.22

Pathfinder Exit Sign
Exit series offers you an attractive slimline design along with excellent visibility. Constructed of impact-resistant thermoplastic, this series features a convenient hinged front panel for easy service. ,p>

Price each 1 2-3 4+
HUB PWARW-I1 Exit sign 44.90 37.29 31.88

Freedom Series Exit Sign
Hubbell's Freedom Series exit sign family will virtually eliminate your maintenance chores, while at the same time, significantly reducing your energy costs. With LEDs rated at an 80-year life, and energy consumption as low as 1.8 watts per sign, these exit signs are your ticket to long-term cost savings.

Battery back-up units contain a patented fully temperature-compensated, hysteresis loop charger to provide continual optimum battery capacity, and incorporate full-wave, current-limited, precision-regulated, solid state circuitry. All Hubbell LEDs have an AC-charge indicator light and a push-to-test button.

Price each 1 2-3 4+
HUB LED1-EM-RWW 363.27 301.69 257.97

The Inspector
Battery operated hazardous location light. Uses 6 volt leak proof Gel Cell Batteries, electric on/off switch. Battery tester with LED discharge indicator and electronic switch. Includes battery charger. Integrated "hands-free" feature.

Item Price
WET 8000 995.00

Spray Light
Explosion proof hand held/hose mounted light system. 120V in/17V out designed for use in "confined entry" locations. Electric and compressed air service are combined in a single abrasive resistant supply line. Also available in 220V.

Item Price
WET 5000S100 1,750.00

4100 Site Light
Three directional area light with magnetic mounts uses standard par 38, 150 watt maximum lamp. Constructed of durable Polytech. Optional Steel Protective Lamp guard #4105-3 offers additional protection against bulb breakage.

Item Price
WET 4100 522.50
WET 4105-3 Protective lamp guard 44.10

4210 Site Light
Single outlet par lamp holder with large handle and removable magnetic swivel mount uses standard par 38, 150 watt maximum lamp with retainer ring, $4105-1 (included with set), or any par 38, 250 watt lamp with retainer ring #4105-2.

Item Price
WET 4210 295.75
WET 4105-2 Retainer ring for 250 watt lamp 26.91

Rayovac Alkaline Batteries
For those applications where battery life is of the utmost importance, choose the alkaline. Many lights need the increased performance of these batteries.

Price each 1-11 12-71 72+
RAY AL-9V 9-volt alkaline 3.47 2.88 2.46
RAY AL-C C-cell alkaline 1.78 1.47 1.26
RAY AL-D D-cell alkaline 1.98 1.64 1.14
RAY AL-AA AA alkaline 0.55 0.46 0.39
RAY AL-AAA AAA alkaline 1.18 0.98 0.84

Rayovac Heavy-Duty Batteries
For less demanding situations where batteries are used for short durations, choose the heavy-duty. Good performance at an economical price.

Price each 1-11 12-71 72+
RAY 6V-HD 6-volt 3.98 3.31 2.83
RAY HD-D D-cell 0.73 0.61 0.52
RAY HD-C C-cell 0.69 0.58 0.49
RAY HD-AA AA-cell 0.55 0.46 0.39

Rayovac Lantern Batteries
Our lantern batteries are engineered for rugged applications. Number RAY 918 is the Sportsman 6-volt with screw terminals. For general purpose uses.

Price each 1-5 6-17 18+
RAY 918 6 volt 12.22 10.15 8.68

Emergency Light
For those applications where a metal housing emergency light is preferable, Hubbell offers its HE series. Three-year warranty. 5 more years prorated battery warranty. 2 hrs. 5 min. run time.

Price each 1 2-3 4+
HUB HE625-2-R91 193.88 161.02 137.68