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The GFA-5006 is really several amplifiers in one. With the flexibility to be configured to drive from as many as six channels to a combination of five, four, or three channels, the GFA-5006 is ideal for use as a multi-zone amplifier that can provide quality amplification for a whole house, distributed sound system.  With individual level controls for precise control of each amp's volume, it's the ideal foundation for an authentic, ultra-realistic surround sound theater system, or for a multi-room or multi-speaker audio system.

Custom installers love the flexibility and thoughtful features we've designed into the unit for custom sound applications.  These features include 3 to 30 volt AC or DC triggering, signal sensing for each channel, a ground lift switch, pass through RCA input/output jacks for easy daisy chaining and heavy duty five-way binding posts for solid speaker connections.  The GFA-5006 also has a rear mounted "vacation switch," sophisticated electronic and thermal protection circuits and internal fuses to eliminate worries about shorted speaker wires, unintentional misconnections, or other potential problems. 

Controls on the GFA-5006's rear panel let you select multi-channel operation, or bridge the channels for a 3-channel configuration.  In the 3-channel mode, the GFA-5006 brings your home theater to life, delivering 175 watts of clean, distortion-free sound to the center channel and each of the rear channels. Add it to your existing 2-channel amplifier and you'll be at the center of a superbly balanced, awesomely powered system with sound so real you can practically touch it.

For audio applications, the GFA-5006 in the 4-channel mode acts as two amps, one at 175 watts-per-channel x 2 and a second at 50 watts-per-channel x 2 to drive two sets of speakers.  A great way to have sound in two separate rooms or areas of the home.

Five channels, four, or three, home theater or home audio, the award-winning ADCOM GFA-5006 gives you many times the versatility of ordinary amplifiers. And much more of the value that has made ADCOM famous.

ADCOM GFA-5006 Power Amplifier  -  Technical Specifications

Power Rating (To FTC Requirements) 
·50 watts continuous average power into 8 ohms at any frequency between 20Hz and 20kHz with all six channels driven at less than 0.018% THD. 
 75 watts continuous average power into 4 ohms at any frequency between 20Hz and 20kHz with all six channels driven at less than 0.09% THD.  
·Bridged Power: 175 watts continuous average power into 8 ohms at any frequency between 20Hz and 20kHz with all channels driven at less than 0.09% THD, bridged. 

IM Distortion (CCIF, Any Combination from 4kHz to 20kHz) 
50 watts into 8 ohms .....< 0.01% 
75 watts into 4 ohms ..... <0.01% 

Power Bandwidth (-3dB) .....5Hz to 130kHz 

Dynamic Headroom into 4 ohms .....1.8dB 

Signal-to-Noise Ratio, "A" weighted 
100 watts into 8 ohms..... > 100dB 

Gain .....variable, 29dB maximum 

Input Impedance .....17,000 ohms 

Input Sensitivity 
1 watt into 8 ohms.....130mV rms

Input Sensitivity, Bridged, AMPLIFIER B, Only 
175 watts into 8 ohms.....1.8V rms 
1 watt into 8 ohms.....130mV rms 

Damping Factor .....20Hz to 20kHz >400 

GENERAL Power (available in 230V on special order) 
115 VAC/50-60Hz  

Chassis Dimensions  
4.75"(121mm) x 17"(432mm) x 14.25"(363mm)  

Maximum Dimensions  
5.25"(134mm) x 17"(432mm) x 15.5"(395mm)  

Weight .....33 lbs.(l5kg) 

Weight, packed.....38 lbs.(l6kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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