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 Adcom GFA-7400

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    Creating the big, room-filling sound of a true home theater system doesn't mean you need an oversized amplifier.  That's why ADCOM's GFA-7400 Five-Channel Power Amplifier was specially designed for the home theater customer who needs a smaller yet powerful source for multi-channel home theater sound.

Powered by an enormous toroidal transformer with multiple secondary windings, the GFA-7400 is capable of driving 100 watts RMS into all five channels simultaneously.  Power of this magnitude is usually only achieved by connecting multiple amplifiers. But with the GFA-7400 you get all that power in a compact package at an affordable price.

Listen to a home theater system built around a GFA-7400 and you'll hear a level of clarity, imaging and depth that can only be found in amps costing two and three times as much.  Its uncompressed dynamics and distortion free sound field make the most of any size room.  The GFA-7400 adapts to fit your environment, so every entertainment event sounds as large and dynamic as the original performance.

And because it's an ADCOM, the GFA-7400 is as easy to use and understand as it is pleasurable to hear.  All RCA input connections are gold plated for the highest quality sound reproduction and all controls are ergonomically configured for easy operation.

Dollar for dollar there isn't another five channel, home theater amplifier that can deliver this level of power, performance and sonic integrity. With ADCOM components, great sounding home theater is in the details.

ADCOM GFA-7400 Power Amplifier  -  Technical Specifications

Power Rating (To FTC Requirements) 
All Channels  (each channel with all five being driven) 
100 watts per channel continuous average power into 8 ohms at any frequency between 20Hz and 20kHz with all channels driven at less than 0.075% THD. 
150 watts per channel continuous average power into 4 ohms at any frequency between 20Hz and 20kHz with all channels driven at less than 0.075% THD. 

IM Distortion (SMPTE) 
All Channels 
1 watt to 100 watts into 8 ohms.....<0.075%  
1 watt to 150 watts into 4 ohms.....<0.075% 

IM Distortion (CCIF, Any Combination from 4kHz to 20kHz) 
All Channels 
100 watts into 8 ohms.....<0.025% 
150 watts into 4 ohms.....<0.025% 
60 watts into 8 ohms.....<0.009% 
100 watts into 4 ohms.....<0.009% 

Frequency Response at 1 Watt, all channels into 8 ohms 
10Hz to 20kHz.....+0,-0.25dB 

Power Bandwidth (-3dB).....3Hz to 100kHz 

Dynamic Headroom into 4 Ohms (3 Front Channels) .....2.8dB  

Dynamic Headroom into 4 Ohms (2 Rear Channels) ......1.8dB 

Signal to Noise Ratio, "A" Weighted 
100 watts into 8 ohms.....>110dB 

Gain (Level Controls at Maximum).....29dB  

Damping Factor 
20Hz to 20kHz ( All Channels ).....>400 

Rise Time 
5kHz, 80V peak-to-peak square wave, 20% to 80% .....4.5uS 

Power Consumption - Continuous, All Channels Driven 
100watts  into 8 ohms.....1165VA 
150 watts  into 4 ohms.....1380VA 

General Power (available in 230V on special order) 

Chassis Dimensions 
  5"(127mm) x 17"(432mm) x 14"(355.6mm)  

Maximum Dimensions  
  5.75"(146mm) x 17"(432mm) x 15"(381mm)  

Weight.....42 lbs. 

Weight, packed.....48 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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