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Today's highly dynamic multi-channel movie soundtracks demand more than conventional home audio systems can deliver. That's why ADCOM developed it's second generation THX-certified GFA-7500 power amplifier.

To earn THX certification, an amplifier must deliver clean, powerful sound effects, clear dialogue and dramatic musical scores under all room and speaker-load conditions.  In fact, Lucas Films THX uses these amplifiers in their own studios for mixing the audio of THX certified home releases.  But ADCOM's engineers went further than the stringent requirements of THX and created a home theater power amplifier that meets the demands of the most critical audiophiles as well.

The GFA-7500's five separate mono modules each produce 150 watts into 8 ohms and over 225 watts into 4 ohms from all five channels-- with all FIVE channels being driven simultaneously!!  This "five-mono-amplifier" design guarantees the sonic integrity of each channel by completely eliminating any inter-channel cross-talk and ensuring full-power with minimal distortion from each individual channel, regardless of speaker impedance or efficiency.  Since the theatrical sound mix for multi-channels will often place very different demands on the speakers for each channel, the ability to essentially treat them as "separate" from the amplifier's perspective delivers the maximum impact the film's sound engineers intended.

The GFA-7500 features a heavy-duty, twenty pound toroidal power transformer that delivers 2500 watts through five separate secondary taps.  In addition, the120,000mF total storage capacitance bank easily delivers the large amounts of current demanded by today's power-hungry, low-impedance THX speaker systems.  This oversized and generous power supply allows maximum power output over a wide and unrestricted dynamic range needed by the ever-increasing number of digital audio and audio/video recordings.  With all this power ADCOM also wanted reliability and good sonics.  To that end, a special protection circuit constantly monitors the 7500's operating parameters, yet it's completely outside the signal path so it won't compromise sound quality.  Matched output devices for each channel help deliver the superb sound reperoduction expected of an ADCOM.

And because ADCOM designs products for tomorrow as well as today, the GFA-7500 has been designed to meet all the new 5.1 channel format requirements, including Dolby Digital (AC-3) and DTS, with full-bandwidth response down to the lowest frequencies.

You can be sure, whether you're listening to movies or music, the GFA-7500 is the perfect choice for any stereo or multi-channel home theater system, especially if you want the movies you play at home to sound as live and exciting as their filmmakers intended.  Leave it to ADCOM - two thumbs up for performance and value in cinema type sound.

ADCOM GFA-7500 Power Amplifier   -   SPECIFICATIONS

Power Rating (To FTC Requirements)
150 watts per channel continuous average power into 8 ohms
225 watts per channel continuous average power into 4 ohms
Any frequency with all channels driven at less than 0.075% THD 

IM Distortion (SMPTE)
l watt to l50 watts into 8 ohms.......<0.05%
1 watt to 225 watts into 4 ohms.....<0.05%

IM Distortion (CCIF, Any Combination from 4kHz to 20kHz)
150 watts into 8 ohms.....<0.01%
225 watts into 4 ohms.....<0.01%

THD + Noise at 150 watts into 8 ohms (Typical)
1 kHz........0.006%
10 kHz......0.02%
20 kHz......0.04%

THD + Noise at 225 watts into 4 ohms (Typical)
20 Hz........0.01%
10 kHz......0.035%
20 kHz......0.065%

Frequency Response at 1 watt into 8 ohms (10Hz to 20kHz)
...........+ 0, - 0.25dB

Power Bandwidth (-3dB)
...........1.5Hz to 100kHz 

Dynamic Headroom Into 4 ohms

Signal to Noise Ratio, "A" Weighted (150 watts into 8 ohms) 
...........> 115B 


Input Sensitivity
      for 1 Watt output..........0.1 volts
      for 150 Watts output....1.14 volts

Input Impedance
.........50K ohms

Damping Factor ( 20Hz to 20kHz )

Rise Time (5kHz, 90 V,  peak-to-peak square wave, 20% to 80%)
........2.7 microseconds (uS)

Power Consumption (Continuous, All Channels Driven)
.....150 watts into 8 ohms.....1375VA

General Power (Available in 230VAC by special order)
.....115VAC - 50/60Hz 

Chassis Dimensions
.....7.25" x 17" x 15"
(184.15mm) x (432mm) x (381mm)

Maximum Dimensions
.....6.875" x 17" x 14"
(174.625mm) x (432mm) x (355.6mm)

.....56  lbs. ( 25.4 kg )

Weight Packed
.....64 lbs. ( 29.1 kg ) 

Specification subject to change without notice.

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