"....to educate Members of Congress
about fire and life safety issues."

    Whether you are a firefighter, emergency services responder, manufacturer or fire service leader, the United States Congress is more sensitive to your concerns because of the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI).  Established in 1989 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, CFSI is designed to educate members of Congress on issues that make a difference for the emergency services.  Members of Congress often turn to CFSI for its expertise that incorporates a blend of fire service and Capitol Hill experiences.  Because of it nonpartisan nature, CFSI is a proven source for accurate and objective information on fire service issues.  That is why CFSI has achieved unparalleled success in consensus building ... not only on Capitol Hill, but among fire service organizations as well. Congressional Staffers Take The Heat

    Each day presents news challenges for members of Congress.  Their attention to issues  is often fleeting, giving the dynamics of the economy and foreign policy matters.  Like a string wrapped around a finger, CFSI reminds Congress of the important challenges facing first responders.  Threats of terrorism, aging apparatus, reduced funding.  These are among many of the types of issues we address with members of Congress.  We do so in consultation with over 50 national fire service organizations to insure that nobody is forgotten.

    As a policy institute, our mission is in educating and forming partnerships.  Throughout the year, we conduct a number of educational programs for Congress to sensitize them to the fire service.  We offer basic firefighter training programs, fire extinguisher training programs, and special briefings. We prepare briefing papers on specific fire related topics.  And we provide certificates of recognition that members of Congress can present to fire and EMS personnel in their respective Congressional districts for length of service, valor and other achievements.

    Our motto is simple:  So That Fire Responders Never Stand Alone.  Although you often find yourself alone performing dangerous work, CFSI stands in your place on Capitol Hill to insure that your actions and needs are heard by federal legislators.

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