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23rd International Workshop on Global Security - Berlin, May 2006
Keynote Speaker: German Minister of Defense Franz Josef Jung

The 23rd International Workshop will be held in association with the ILA Berlin Air Show in May 2006. Speakers include Minister Franz Josef Jung; Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk; Georgian Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili; Czech Defense Minister Karel Kuhnl; Slovenian Defense Minister Karl Erjavec; Italian Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola; SHAPE Chief of Staff General Rainer Schuwirth; Allied Joint Force Commander General Gerhard Back; Lieutenant General Michel Maisonneuve, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation HQ; Lieutenant General Jean-Paul Perruche, Director General, European Union Military Staff; The Honorable Dale Klein, U.S. Assistant to the Secretary of Defense; Dr. Linton Wells II, U.S. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary; Mr. Albert Volkman, Office of the U.S. Under Secretary; and OSCE Secretary General Marc Perrin de Brichambaut.


Workshop venues include the Pergamon Museum (above) and the Reichstag. The Pergamon houses important collections of Greek, Roman, Babylonian, and Islamic art.

German Defense Minister
Franz Josef Jung
is the Patron and Keynote

  ILA Berlin Air Show
Recent Events
French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie
invited the Workshop to Paris in June 2005.
  22nd International Workshop on Global Security
Keynote Speaker: French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie - Paris, June 2005

Principal speakers: UK Defense Minister John Reid, Canadian Defense Minister Bill Graham, NATO Military Committee Chairman General Harald Kujat, designated NATO Military Committee Chairman General Raymond Henault, French Director of Strategic Affairs Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Sir Mark Stanhope, SHAPE Chief of Staff General Rainer Schuwirth, NATO Commander General Gerhard Back, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe General George Joulwan, former NATO Military Committee Chairman General Klaus Naumann, EADS Executive Vice President Jean-Louis Gergorin, Chair of House of Commons Select Committee on Defense The Rt Hon Bruce George.

Britain's Defense Secretary John Reid
argues that the complexity of issues and threats means that "military response can only be one part of the solution."

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Berlin '04 Workshop

German Defense Minister Peter Struck
warns that "religious hatred, WMDs, and terrorism-related fanaticism blend with poverty, ethnic antagonism, and faults in social structures."
  21st International Workshop on Global Security
Keynote Address: German Defense Minister Peter Struck
- Berlin, May 2004
NATO Military Committee Chairman General Harald Kujat, Supreme Allied Commander Europe General James Jones, U.S. Ambassador to NATO William Burns, U.S. Under Secretary of Defense Michael Wynne, Asst. Secretary of Defense Linton Wells, Italian Chief of Defense Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, Romanian Defense Minister Ioan Mircea Pascu, Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul, Bulgarian Defense Minister Nikolai Svinarov, Georgian Defense Minister Gela Bezhuashvili, and Lithuanian Defense Minister Linas Linkevicius were among the principal speakers.
General Harald Kujat

General Harald Kujat
says "WMDs and the growing capabilities gap...are causing a shift toward asymmetric threats."

SACEUR General James Jones SACEUR General James Jones
improvements in the capability-usability gap, military resouces, national caveats
, and intelligence.
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Shortcut to Overview by Workshop Chairman Roger Weissinger-Baylon and Keynote by German Defense Minister Peter Struck.

About the Center for Strategic Decision Research (CSDR)
The Center for Strategic Decision Research is a small research institute located near Stanford University in Menlo Park, California. For over twenty years, CSDR has presented an annual forum--presently called The International Workshop on Global Security--in major European cities. These workshops bring together political, military, industry, and academic leaders from North American, European, Asian, and African countries to discuss global security challenges on an informal and not-for-attribution basis. Participants have included the heads of state or government of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Luxembourg, Romania, and Bulgaria, as well as foreign ministers, defense ministers, ambassadors, military leaders, business leaders, academics, and representatives from the European Union, NATO, the OSCE, and the United Nations. CSDR has recently sponsored annual conferences at Stanford University on the Horn of Africa and has long-term interests in finding ways to better transatlantic and global relations. In January 2006, CSDR also held a workshop in Paris, France in partnership with the French Defense Ministry on the evolving roles of NATO, the EU, and ESDP.

CSDR is currently interested in the development and communication of Alliance strategy for the coming decade in order to address the challenges of global terrorism--including not only growing asymmetric threats but also the genuine danger of nuclear hyperterrorist attacks that could threaten our civilization. Among the many requirements for such a strategy are improved transatlantic relations (which depends on reconciling the radically different world views found in Europe and North America), defense industrial cooperation among allies (as a basis for joint operational capability), and the need for a successful policy in the greater middle east (which cannot be achieved without progress toward peace between Israel and Palestine). International organizations, as well as treaties and other agreements, must be strengthened to slow the proliferation of WMDs. Above all, the struggle against terrorism cannot be won by military means alone: underlying causes must be understood and addressed as well.

CSDR Principals
Roger Weissinger-Baylon, Ph.D., Workshop Chairman and Founder,
Anne D. Baylon, LL.B., M.A., Deputy Director,
M. Lin Wu, J.D., Senior Manager,

Contact Information
Main US headquarters: 2456 Sharon Oaks Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025 Tel: 1/650/854-4751, Fax: 1/650/854-0761
French office: 45 bis Rue des Acacias, 75017 Paris, France Tel: 33/1/

Patrons and Keynote Speakers
1997 Workshop Patron:
Czech President Václav Havel
1996 Workshop Patron:
Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski
1994-1997 Honorary Workshop Chairman:
Supreme Allied Commander Europe General George Joulwan
2005 Workshop Patron and Keynote Speaker:
French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie
2004 Keynote Speaker:
German Defense Minister Peter Struck
2002-2004 Honorary Workshop Chairman:
EADS co-CEO Rainer Hertrich
General George Joulwan   Former SACEUR General George Joulwan
told the 21st Berlin Workshop participants that hyperterrorism is a potential threat to civilization.
EADS CEO Rainer Hertrich   EADS co-CEO Rainer Hertrich
states that "with the shocking terrorist attacks in Madrid, Europeans learned that we are not immune to international terrorism."

Principal Workshop Sponsors
Hon Michael Wynne
U.S. Under Secretary
AT&L Michael Wynne

Industrial cooperation with allies is a "fundamental step for improving joint operational capabilities." It is "not only desirable but an imperative."

The 23rd International Workshop on Global Security will be presented by the Center for Strategic Decision Research in Berlin, Germany in May 2006 in association with BDLI (German Aerospace Industries Association), EADS, ILA Berlin Air Show, Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Department of Defense, and with additional major sponsorship by Alenia Aeronautica SpA, The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, MITRE Corporation, and Raytheon. General Dynamics, Iridium Satellite LLC, and Rolls-Royce Deutschland are associate sponsors.

The Center for Strategic Decision Research acknowledges the support of current and past sponsoring governments: Czech Republic, Kingdom of Denmark, Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Greece, Republic of Hungary, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Poland, Republic of Portugal, Austrian Ministry of Defense, French Ministry of Defense, Italian Ministry of Defense, and the Canadian Armed Forces.


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