1960 Dodge Dart Seneca
The 1960 Dodge Dart.
The entry level vehicle in this series was named "Seneca"

Seneca in her CAP uniformOne day, Seneca was in the kitchen, using Instant Messenger, and her Mother walked in.

Her Mom glanced at the computer screen; Seneca kept typing.

Reading the screen, my wife asked, "What does POS mean?"

Seneca replied sheepishly, "Parent Over Shoulder."


Seneca also has a wry sense of humor (which runs in the family). She's a "Peer Leader" for Wagner College, and the school has a webpage which introduces the new students to the school's peer leaders.

The students wrote their own bios for the page, and most are along the lines of: "Tiffany is a theatre major, and loves ballet and warm kittens."

Seneca's self-penned bio is not your standard entry:

Seneca Smith — After spelunking across Europe, Seneca chose to come to Wagner College to become a double major in underwater basket weaving and dendrochronology.  Having grown up on a small llama farm in Pennsylvania, this seemed like the ideal combination for a future trophy wife.  However, due to political fallout, she changed plan, sold her harnesses, and began studying International Politics and French (just in case she ever wanted to return to the caves). 

Now she balances her time between the campus radio station, student government, working for the information technology department and delousing small animals.  During her next two years at Wagner, Seneca hopes to continue working in Manhattan, because she feels riding the ferry twice a day is an existential experience, as well as occasionally taking classes which include manual labor.


see  http://www.wagner.edu/classof2011/peer_leaders . .

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