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WASHINGTON (Reuters, Jul 1998) - A U.S. government panel has failed in a two-year effort to design a federal computer security system that includes back doors, a feature that would enable snooping by law enforcement agencies, people familiar with the effort said this week.

Robert Bendesky in chinese, i'm toldThe group was tapped to write a formal government plan known as a "Federal Information Processing Standard," or FIPS, detailing how government agencies should build systems including back doors. In a letter to Commerce Secretary William Daley obtained by Reuters, the panel said it "encountered some significant technical problems that, without resolution, prevent the development of a useful FIPS."

"Because the focus of this work is security, we feel that it is critically important that we produce a document that is complete, coherent, and comprehensive in addressing the many facets of this complex security technology," the group added. "The attached document does not satisfy these criteria."

The group is formally known as the Technical Advisory Committee to Develop a Federal Information Processing Standard for the Federal Key Management Infrastructure, but with the unwieldy acronym of TACDFIPSFKMI, members of the panel jokingly referred to themselves as "Bob."

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