Bendesky Family Current Events  

When in the Course of
Re-created Events...
See me wear funny clothes from the 1770's. Even funnier than the ones I wore in the 1970's.

Maryland Sheep Show
Show them, shear them, eat them.
don't get fleeced!
Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA
Lobster Ice Cream?
hold the melted butter
It's a Girl
The latest addition to our family
adopt a greyhound
14,000 feet over Texas,
Blake proves that things do fall at 32 feet per second squared
terminal velocity
Winter on the West Coast
Our San Francisco vacation
be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
Cozy's wall mural for her Dad
Silver glaze and Korean newsprint
Yes but is it ART?
Sailing the Western Caribbean
I could get used to living like this
Peel me a grape...

Up North and "down East"
We make a serious dent in Maine's lobster population

sneaky waves on rocky shores

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