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Facilitator Guides and Transcripts
Notes on Understanding African Cinema
Selected Articles of Interest
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Facilitator Guides and Transcripts
Hard copies of Facilitator Guides accompany video purchases at no charge. Feel free to download the online Guides below.

You may also download the online Transcripts below. To order a hard copy of a transcript, send a check or money order for $8.00 to California Newsreel. Specify the name of the video and your address. Allow three weeks for delivery.

A. Philip Randolph - For Jobs and Freedom (Hard Copy transcript only))
Berkeley In The Sixties (Hard Copy transcript only)
Big Mama Facilitator Guide
The Black Press Facilitator Guide, Transcript
Blue Eyed Facilitator Guide, Transcript
Black Is...Black Ain't Facilitator Guide

Blacks & Jews
Facilitator Guide, Transcript
The Business Of America (Hard Copy transcript only)
Color Adjustment (Hard Copy transcript only)
Computers In Context (Hard Copy transcript only)
Ethnic Notions (Hard Copy transcript only)
Flame Notes for Viewing the Film
Frosh Facilitator Guide
Furious Flower Facilitator Guide
Goin' To Chicago Facilitator Guide
Goin' To Chicago (Hard Copy transcript only)
Homecoming Transcript
Keita: The Heritage of the Griot Notes for Viewing the Film
La petite vendeuse de Soleil Notes for Viewing the Film
Le Franc Notes for Viewing the Film
Long Night's Journey into Day Facilitator Guide, Transcript
Oh Freedom After While
Full Credits, Review
On Television: Teach The Children (Hard Copy transcript only)
On Television: The Violence Factor (Hard Copy transcript only)
On Television: Public Trust Or Private Property (Hard Copy transcript only)
Pièces d'Identités Notes for Viewing the Film
Richard Wright: Black Boy Facilitator Guide
Rostov-Luanda Notes for Viewing the Film
A Question Of Color (Hard Copy transcript only)
The Road To Brown (Hard Copy transcript only)
Seniors Facilitator Guide
Shattering The Silences Facilitator Guide, Transcript
Skin Deep Facilitator Guide
A Son Of Africa Related Reading (contains excerpts from The Interesting Narration of the Life of Oloudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa the African as Well As A Selected Bibliography.)
Struggles In Steel Facilitator Guide
A Walk in the Night Notes for Viewing the Film

Selected Articles of Interest
Is Social Change Media a Delusion? California Newsreel at 30 and 2000 by Larry Daressa, California Newsreel

Review of Stranger With A Camera by Larry Daressa, reproduced by permission from Cineaste

National Educational Media Network: Content '96. May 16, 1996
by Larry Daressa, California Newsreel

Reflections on ITVS by Larry Daressa, California Newsreel

General Principles in Media Literacy by Patricia Aufderheide

A Close Reading of Ads: A How-To Guide prepared with help from the New Mexico Media Literacy Project

Guide to Experts on Advertising

Notes on Understanding African Cinema
Film Text and Context: Reweaving Africa’s Social Fabric Through Its Contemporary Cinema
Mbye Cham, Howard University

The Hyena's Last Laugh: A conversation with Djibril Diop Mambety by N. Frank Ukadike, from TRANSITION 78

Imagining Alternatives: African Cinema in the Year 2000 by African filmmaker Jean-Marie Teno

Viewing African Cinema: Six Pointers

African Studies Resources

Ousmane Sembene : The Life of a Revolutionary Artist
by Samba Gadjigo, Mount Holyoke College

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African American Perspectives
African American life and history

Library of African Cinema
African features and documentaries - by Africans

The Media Century
Videos on Media and Society issues

Campus Diversity 2000
Videos for a more inclusive campus

Learning from 30 Years of Diversity Training
Blue-Eyed and other videos for corporate diversity training

Reinventing Work
Labor studies, industrial relations, economic democracy and management.