Film List A-Z

A. Philip Randolph -- For Jobs and Freedom
Africa Dreaming
Afrique, je te plumerai (Africa, I Will Fleece You)
Aimé Césaire: Une voix pour l'histoire (A Voice for History)
Ainsi meurent les anges (And so angels die)
Alex Haley
Allah Tantou (God's Will)
Angano...Angano... (Tales from Madagascar)
At the River I Stand
Awara Soup

Berkeley in the Sixties
Big Mama
Black Athena
Black is...Black Ain't
Black Panther
The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords
Black Theatre: The Making of a Movement
Blacks & Jews
Blue Eyed
Le bouillon d'Awara (Awara Soup)
Brother Outsider
The Business of America...
Bye Bye Africa

Ca Twiste a Poponguine (Rocking Popenguine)
Chef! (Chief!)
Collision Course
Color Adjustment
Controlling Interest

Dakan (Destiny)
Daresalam (Let There Be Peace)
Divine Carcasse
Dôlè (Money)

Ethnic Notions
The Essential Blue-Eyed
Everyone's Child

Faat Kine
Family Across the Sea
Fary l'anesse (Fary, the Donkey)
Femmes aux yeux ouverts (Women With Open Eyes)
Final Offer
Fintar O Destino (Dribbling Fate)
Finzan (A Dance for Heroes)
For My People: The Life and Writing of Margaret Walker
Le Franc
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask
Freedom On My Mind
Furious Flower: A Video Anthology of African American Poetry 1960-95

The Gaze of the Stars
La Gènese (Genesis)
Goin' to Chicago
Le grand blanc de Lambarene
Guimba the Tyrant

Hughes' Dream Harlem

I Shall Not Be Removed (The Life of Marlon Riggs)
In a Time of Violence
In Black and White (Six Profiles of African American Authors)

James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket

Kafi's Story
Karmen Geï
Keita (The Heritage of the Griot)
Killing Us Softly III
KPFA On the Air

The Language You Cry In
Legacy of a Kidnapping
Long Night's Journey Into Day
Lumumba: la mort du prophete (Lumumba: Death of a Prophet)

Many Steps
Mapantsula (Hustler)
Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggles
Monday's Girls
Mortu Nega(Those Whom Death Refused)
The Music District

Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property
Nuba Conversation
Nuyorican Dream
Ndeysaan (The Price of Forgiveness)

Oh Freedom After While
On Television: Public Trust or Private Property

On Tip Toe: Gentle Steps to Freedom
One Drop Rule
One Shot: The Life and Work of Teenie Harris
Out of Obscurity

Patient Abuse: South Africa's Struggle for AIDS Treatment
La petite vendeuse de Soleil (The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun)
Picc Mi
(Little Bird)
Pièces d'Identités
The Politics of Love - In Black and White
Prime Time South Africa
Public Trust or Private Property (On Television)

Quand les etoiles rencontrent la mer (When the Stars Meet the Sea)
A Question of Color

Race - The Power of an Illusion
Race Against Prime Time
Ralph Ellison: An American Journey
Richard Wright - Black Boy
Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
The Road to Brown
Rouch in Reverse

Saaraba (Utopia)
San Francisco State University: On Strike
Sango Malo (The Village Teacher)
Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
Seniors: Four Years in Retrospect
Shattering the Silences
Skin Deep
So Be It

Soldiers without Swords (see also The Black Press)
A Son of Africa
Sophia's Homecoming
South Africa Belongs to Us
State of Denial
Steps For The Future
Stolen Eye
The Strange Demise of Jim Crow
Strange Fruit

Stranger with a Camera

Struggles in Steel

Ta Dona (Fire!)
Taafe Fanga (Skirt Power)
Tableau Ferraille
O Testamento Do Senhor Napumoceno (Napumoceno's Will)
These Hands
La tête dans les nuages (Head in the Clouds)
Three Tales from Senegal (Le Franc, Fary L'Anesse, Picc Mi)
Thirty-Minute Blue Eyed
Tough Guise
Trouble Behind

Udju Azul di Yonta (The Blue Eyes of Yonta)

La vie est belle (Life is Rosy)
La vie sur terre (Life on Earth)

A Walk in the Night
W.E.B. DuBois: A Biography in Four Voices
We Shall Overcome
Wend Kuuni (God's Gift)
Wild Women Don't Have the Blues
Woubi Cheri
The Willmar 8

You, Africa!
You Have Struck A Rock!

Zan Boko (Homeland)